Daily exercise (tai chi)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Amazing how easy it is to get side-tracked some days.

I had planned on doing tai chi after my morning iced coffee, however I got busy while doing so. Now it is 1:42 pm and I have not exercised yet nor did I get the project finished that I had started working on.

I have been feeling chi energy. I notice it in my palms most during the warm up, I think that could be because I also practice reiki. Since I have not found a teacher here I have been using a dvd and card set that I got from eBay. It is not the full 24 set but it is a place to start and the warm up exercises are really good. I can't wait to start seeing the effects they have on helping tone my body.

My net friend in Luxembourg mailed me a copy of the karate kid last week. I am looking forward to watching it with fresh to see what get from it. John Lash says in his books on tai chi about it being more than an exercise but a way of life. I am working on stepping into that kind of awareness. I know it will take more practice as this is an area I have struggled with (keeping focused on one thing at a time). While sweeping the dust off our front window yesterday, I was there and paying attention to the movements I was making with my brush strokes, sometimes it is so easy to drift off.

(After doing some couch surfing, I ended up practicing just the warm up later that evening)