Royal Palms to Exotic Caye

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dive shop

Sand was washed up high

Cindy Jock and Paul

Yay we are all safe

Royal Palms beach area

Royal Palms

Royal Palms

Royal Palms Beach

Royal Palms ahead

Mata Rocks

Mata Rocks

Mata Rocks

Banana Beach

Grand Colony

Grand Colony

Grand Colony

Grand Colony

Grand Colony

Small bite out of sign

Beach at Banyan Bay

Banyan Bay

Lost Souls are safe

Fence gone

Fence gone

Fence gone

Dock Down

First Plane



Small palapa roof gone

Tree's blown

Cindy Jock talking to Alex and the 2 Pauls behind them

Light down

Xanadu Dock

No Entry (that includes you Dean)

Boarded up

Caribbean Villas area

Coral Bay Villas

Fence down

Looking North

Tire stuck in

Debris on beach

Trees blown

Bite out of sign

Clean up started right away

Palapa down Victoria House

Beach clean up time

Lots of sea grass

Paul and Nancy

Rick and Paul

Headed for Canucks



travelqueen said...

Wow! Great job taco! Thanks so much for posting ALL these pics!

Anonymous said...

My heart was in my throat the whole time! So glad you made it alright. Now things look just a bit untidy and will be made right in no time.

Did you drink your beer? :^)

I'm really glad you stayed with Paul and Cindy. Your own place looked fine but it's always nice to have company at a time like that.

Hope to see you soon.