Raining cats and dogs

Saturday, October 4, 2008

8:45 am
It's pouring down with rain right now. The kind of day that just makes you want to be cozy at home and hope you luck into a good movie on tv.

Here's hoping the rain lets up some and dry out a bit before Nicole and tv Tom's wedding this afternoon.

Ouch... we just discovered rain getting in the above the downstairs sliding doors - not ideal timing to spring a leak.

Just struck a deal with tacoboy if I go to the store he will cook breakfast. Since I do not mind a short walk in the rain I think I totally scored on this one.

To give you an idea of just how hard it is raining here - We had a good sized puddle in our yard by front gate, the drainage area at the side of the road by our house is ankle deep and there is some pooling on the paved road. I ran into drummer Dan at the store and we both looked like drowned rats even though I was wearing a rain poncho and by the time I got home the containers we put out to catch the drips were over 1/2 inch full.

Colette just told me we had 4.5 inches this morning.

May write more - posting this now in case I don't.

12:17 pm
I can smell Paul cooking now he is making it extra special to cheer me up. Been a bit blue today between our finances and thinking about how wet San Mateo is at this moment. I will make a nice hot bath later - maybe that will help lift my mood.

4:43 pm After my bath I spent afternoon on the couch with Paul, we watched entourage and are now watching Balls of Fury. That was a good stretch for me before my fast moving attention span kicked in.

I decided to shoot a few pictures and go check the outside area where it was leaking. I noticed gaps in the wood around it. I wiped the area down and decided to put a bit of caulking there.

Realistically I know I should wait till it is fully dry but decided to do it anyways in case rains in the night I would rather try and lessen what comes in. So I did one thin coat will let it sit for a bit while I blog then go back and do another. I was thinking I should likely do the top small ledge of the wood frame too but I will do one at a time so I can see if this first one is the leaky spot. I also thought if I am able to stop it from outside that I can let the inside dry a bit more before giving it a once over.

What's going on is playing at the Black and White Bar. This song will forever make me think of at least 2 moments in time ... Colette at Roadkill doing a fabulous rendition at karaoke and the gang getting off the boat after a Seaduced sunset cruise when My Cousin Erin and friend Jo were visiting.

5:56 pm
Just finished second coat of caulking - hoping it gets breezier helps it dry faster

6:34 pm
Doing some writing and chatting on the message board. It's busy in big chat tonight - Bill - bb - Chloe - gailtor - nova - wade and I. Listening to great music in LOVE FM they just played Barry White now Madonna material girl is on.

9:34 pm
Just got my first drunk dial call from Leah-Ann's girls weekend. Heard Shannon, Leah-Ann, Laurie Mar and not sure who else. Missed the phone as it was upstairs charging. You all sound like you are having a blast cheers and sorry I missed your call.

Check out My "Guey" Mexico Way's new blog. Gail pointed it out to me today and it is worth a look.

Almost forgot... Anyone have a recent pic of Lacy? My most current one was at the saga fundraiser hoping to get a few more by Monday. Thought I had one from one of the stuff swaps but I can't seem to find it.

To switch things up - I went portrait on my pictures and did a short series of a dragon fly on our curtains.


Delicate wings

Wants to be free


LeahAnn said...

OK Laurie, that's it - if you're not going to answer the phone when we call you're just going to have to join us for the next girls' night! sorry we missed you - were your ears burning? 'cause we were all saying what a wonderful person we think you are! :)
See you soon!


tacogirl said...

lol I did sprint to try and catch it and I was wondering who the heck is calling me - my phone does not ring a lot lol. See you soon.

travelqueen said...

was just checking my phone to see when exactly we called... glad to know it wasn't too late! we missed you!!

tacogirl said...

tq after I heard the message I was thinking you guys are on a roll early made me laugh.