Sunday = beach day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day shout out to our 2 Mom's in Canada - and mom's worldwide. Hope you are having a great day.

Nothing says happy Sunday like a day at the beach - but first come the chores lol. Paul is downstairs hacking away at the banana trees with a machete and mowing the lawn while I tackle the upstairs bathroom.

Back and forth with Dick and Carole on the coconut phone this morning - hoping to co-ordinate a snorkel at Chunky and Ruthies spot - Lara just popped up to check in on timing for the beach. What a chatty morning now Colette is saying hi.

I have a system down for cleaning the counter. Since we have a double sink with a lot of counter space I clean one half then while it is start dismantling stuff on the other side - add random blogging and packing a beach bag into the mix today.

Amazing how we all of are running on the exact same slight delay.

Afternoon was great - ended up at Catamaran for a b it then walked to Canucks to meet Dick and Carole - they were dropping Zac and his drum off after a quick Snorkel. Paul hung out at All Star Jam while Lara Dick Carole and I went out in the boat for a bit. When we got back to Canuck's the band was cranking out some great blues music today.

FYI... A few of you might want to consider reinstalling your coconut phone (msn messenger) as your cf keeps auto sending spammy link messages - not naming names so if you want to know if you are one of those people just ask.

Yard work

Watching Uncle Paul cut the grass

Now for the good stuff.....


Ruthie said...

The official name for Chunky & Ruthie's snorkel spot is "Hol Chunk."

tacogirl said...

Hol Chunk that's a good one.