Rainy Season

Friday, June 1, 2007

We are in rainy season now, and have been dealing with pesky mosquitoes that are overtaking the island.

These days you are not really safe to leave your house without spraying a good dose of bug spray first. I keep hoping to find a natural alternative that works but does not feel so icky on the skin.

After going to see our friends play some great live music at Road Kill bar on wed night, a few of us went onto get a bite to eat. Through out the night it had been spitting a bit and from the lighting in the sky we all knew it was only a matter of time before it started pouring.

We rode our bikes to the local hamburger & hot dog stand near Tropic Air Cargo.

Not long after placing our order, it started to come down pretty hard. So we went under the tarp they had set up and decided to eat there. The people who run the stand were set up for rainy season. They have built a floor on the ground and placed a couple of long tables and plastic stools for people to eat. The funny part is, if you stand at the back of the structure and drop a marble it would role straight out to the road.

The sound of the rain hitting the tarp reminded us of camping. While sitting there with Paul, Carole and Dick, I mentioned that I thought this was the best burger I had there yet. I think it was the combination of the rain, slanted floors and friends that made it taste so good.

Afterward Paul and I noticed our bikes had both tipped over and got a bit sandy. There is the other side of rainy season.



Anonymous said...

Hey TG, how about some more pics. you know some of us don't get to see San Pedro happenings everyday like other people! got batteries??