Josimar's Cake Party

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yesterday we were invited to a cake party for Josimar. Just a short event with some yummy appetizers, cake and a few presents. The party did not last long as people started heading off to the chicken drop.

We hung out a bit more and Forrest came by to say hi. Then we went off to Pedro's to see Cindy have some pizza and play wii. We have changed wii bowling night to wed nights now, it just works easier cause bingo is Tuesdays. Cindy and I were brainstorming about eBay, I have been looking up what is being sold that is local to Belize and I saw money, stamps belikin beer coasters and openers. We are looking to get a few items up and see how it goes.

Fish cake - Happy Birthday Josimar

Josimar opening presents


Ros said...

Tacogirl, Remember me? I am Ros of Ros & John. I put a comment on your blog this past week. Well I was just in to my daughter's food blog "Janet is Hungry" reading the comments she got today, and low and behold there is "Tacogirl". I presume it was you. If so I hope you become a regular visitor. I am a very proud Momma.

Anonymous said...

Taco's thanks for coming to Josimar's birthday two are always great company. Josimar was really happy to know you two where there. Big hearts you two have!!!! Sincerely, RDD

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if you are living in this so called DREAM place?Why is it you live on line?Seems like you are in a dram?

tacogirl said...

If I was only living online and not out enjoying life here, I would have nothing to blog about and no pictures to post.

Anonymous said...

I for one am Glad you live in a "Dram"

I love reading about your "Drams"

your living a dream life.. Keep em Coming Tacogirl, Myself and hundreds other love the places you go, the people you see, the things you do on Beautiful Ambergris Caye.


Anonymous said...

Taco Girl,
You keep going , I love this blog,
look forward to it.Ambergris would not be the same if you did not post those great pictures and stories.Keep on living your Dream !!