Not a surprise party

Saturday, August 4, 2007

We are just getting ready to go to Zac's birthday party, this one is not a surprise though, he organized it and his friend Ana, offered to host at her place.


Ana's place she is renting is really nice, lot's of space for a party. Met some new people and we all had fun. The food was great, we all enjoyed the jam session and twister was a hit.

Jam session

Enjoying the music

Zac brought lots of instruments for people to play

Elizabeth with shaker

Everyone took turns making some noise

Lord of the Flies - those shells really make strong vibration

2 muppets aka 2 Pauls

Dancing and having fun

Zac enjoying his party

Cake timeTwister

Getting twisted

Pretzel boy

Zac opening a present


Anonymous said...

Hey Taco, love the blog! just FYI, you have a couple of pics that aren't loading....