Who is Staying Sunday / Monday night

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday / Monday night 12:33 am

This is a list of who is staying that I know of right now that We worked on earlier.

If anyone has a correction or name to add please post a comment. That goes for all posts.

Colette - Maya - Peter - Aida - Fred & Lorraine Sommes - Bob - Tammy - Jim - Zoe - Dave - Randy - Joe - Rhonda - Pelican Properties - Diane Cambell - Nancy - Rick - Scott - Herb - Joely - Tim


Beth Hart, Sharon Boyde stayed at Banana Beach.

Chris Barenfanger, Mike Madrid, Linda "Wonderwoman" Carter, Kathy (Beach'n Kitchen), Glenn & Colleen (Rendezvous Restaurant), Bernie & Gordon.

Tammy and Jim, would this be Tammy Peterson?

Lara Goldman is heading into town to Andrea's place with her cats soon. She is packing up her pc.