Felix - an unwanted house guest

Monday, September 3, 2007

I really wanted to sleep in this morning but from 6 am on I was restless and finally got out of bed at 6:50. I am so relieved Felix does not look as bad as it did when we went to bed. Of course I know anything can happen but waking up to better instead of worse is still a nice feeling.

Beto our landlord is up early and already adding more boards to his house.

Paul said after I have my coffee first thing I should be doing is packing my "holy shit bag"

8:07 am
Everyone is on the coconut phone this morning (instant messenger) and talking about plans.

So far I have talked to Cindy, Rebecca, Sharon and Andrea last night. Spoke with Sandy on the phone and she said they will cal in a bit Ed was down at the office of BT getting the scoop. Bill and Gailtor were also asking how we all were and what the plans were.

Sandy and Ed have reserved at Banana Beach and Sharon will go there too same as she did last time.

Carole from what Andrea said, will likely go right to Flores as she is in Guatemala and Dick will meet her there. Lara is heading back this way already and Andrea said she hopes to get back here for a bit before likely heading to Flores.

9:06 am
Cindy came and got Paul to help board up at their place. He took the leather gloves and a roll of gorilla tape that Bill and becky sent down with Sandy and Ed. Many thanks from all of us for those items and the extra flash lights. I have not packed my "hs" bag yet, instead I got final load of laundry done and am making our supply kits. Doing one for Ed and Sandy and they can pick what they want from it just getting 2 sets of poker stuff sorted out for kits.

I am packing up all my card decks in my Sperry shoe box, and Kryon card I happened to look at says...

Those who sit in the circle of their own creation are the ones who are peaceful.

I think that is very fitting and goes back to what Maya said yesterday about how we have such a strong support group here. This also extends to all of you reading this and helping from a far with helpful items and well wishes. We have all created this and it really does help to bring us peace of mind right now.

Paul is back and helping Beto board up Karen's Klothes Konnection below, lots of banging going on. Sandy and Ed just left to go check the water taxi and Tropic Air. So far their plan is to stay at Banana Beach tonight and go from there.

I just got word from Paul water could be off as early as 10 am tomorrow, he caught this from reef radio. Jim Janmohamed will be speaking throughout the day. He is head of NEMO here and very solid information.

Sandy just called now they have made an executive decision because they need to be back in the states by a certain date, they decided to leave today so they will not have to worry about what air and land traffic will be like after the storm. They are leaving on the 2 pm Maya Island Air flight to Corozal, from there they have made arrangements to get to Chetumal and then will continue onward towards home.

Spoke to Francis and got her list of people staying on the island at Belizean Shores... Jenna, Glen, Colleen, Fred Sommes, Francis and Vernon Wilson. Linda Carter and Cathy from Beach n Kitchen will stay put where they are near the Palapa bar.

Carole will come back here at 12:30 today and Dick has a meeting at 4 pm to see when they leave for Flores.

Lara is back in town and headed home to get sorted there, I will update with her plans when she tells us more.

Tazmara has got the book store all sorted out and she is heading back up North soon.

Paul and I went to super buy for some supplies and Hacal Kiik to stock up on good bread. I asked Paul if we could circle the block to go to Save On and see if they had apples and who do we run into at the counter but Ed so we walked to Maya island Air with him to say good bye's. Ed and Sandy are gone now and once they hit Chetumal they will decide to go to Cozumel or Merida.

Sharon from Banyan Bay left me an off line message regarding Banyan Bay.
She said... most guests are leaving and all but one family will be gone by tomorrow.

I just spoke to Carole and Lara on messenger. They are both unpacking and laundry to be able to repack again straight away. Will update on them as I know more. Likely they will both go the same route as last time.

5:19 pm
Dick popping me now and saying they will most likely stay here now. The storm is far enough south of Punta Gorda. He said it will likely be a cat 1 with 160 mph winds. Tropic Air will have another meeting at 6 am.

9:46 pm
Went for a walk through town and stopped to see Carole. We got to see her trip pics and all the cool things she bought in Guatemala. Then we all walked to the park in town to order Chinese from one + One. Paul and Cindy called and decided to join us, after we all got our food we dropped Carole off at Oasis to see Bonnie and the kids and we went to the cut to go eat at a picnic table. They invited us to drive around a bit more but we were both too tired and decided just to hop off the cart at our house. I just checked 5 day forecast on wunderground and it looks even better - now I can peacefully do some couch surfing.



Anonymous said...

Prayers are going your way from all those in New Jersey who just came back from a Mission trip to Belize. We pray the school and the people are spared. Take care

Alaina said...

Thank you so much for your postings. I am Lara's best friend in Canada and haven't been able to reach her. If you are talking to her let her know I am up to date as per your blog.

Thanks So Much,
Alaina Lockhart