Afternoon getaway at Banana Beach

Thursday, October 18, 2007

For those of you who are staying at Banana Beach you are in for a treat. A few of us went for a delicious lunch at El Divino today and enjoyed the pool afterwards. If you want more information just click the ad to the left and it will take you right to their website.

More details to come we are off to a bbq at Dick and Carole's

I was uploading pics this morning and the internet went out and put the kibosh on my last 5 pics. Dick is here now to pick me up for boat ride so I will have Paul hit send on this when the net comes back and I will continue on with this when asap.

Back to Banana Beach. we had a great afternoon there. I really enjoyed the shrimp quesadillas and cesar salad I split with Lara. Dick had a mambo burger, Bonnie and Carole split a club and cesar and could not finish it. We all enjoyed our meal and were ready for some pool action, after going to get a few drinks at the bar.

I love walking around the grounds of Banana Beach everywhere you look is so lush with plants. The pool has a great view of the ocean and blue sky above, spending a few hours there made us feel relaxed and rested.

Banana Beach main entrance

El Divino restaurant

Nice landscaping

Carole checks out massage hut

Lush plants all over

Pool side

Lunch outside at El Divino

Inside El Divino

Stairs to second floor eating area

Getting drinks to bring to pool

Ocean right outside pool

Bonnie and Carole take a dip

Lara Paul Dick

Bonnie and Carole

Dick joins in for a swim

Girls chatting

Paul and Dick

What a view

Lounging pool side


Beach entrance to pool

Round pool great for kids

My Paul turned up for a bit

Second pool and seating area

Monkey Business Travel Shoppe