Palm House wedding was hot hot hot

Friday, October 26, 2007

Off I went on another adventure. First stop was to pick up kerosene at the tortilla place on back street for the fire show - they are only open till 2 pm so was important to get there in a timely manner. It was not long after before Lara showed up and we headed to her house and picked up a few kids along the way. Time passes so fast some days.

We got there in good time and Lara asked me to do some reiki on her shoulder to help shift the energy block and loosen it up before the show. That went well - not long after Paul turned up and we all headed off to Palm house for the wedding.

The bride and groom Dani and Leon Anderson were a lovely couple and had many great friends and family sharing their moment. The fire show was a big hit and everyone enjoyed the surprise. Afterwards the wedding party headed off to Fido's.

San Pedro Kids love getting picture taken

Smiling Vampire

Enjoying the ride

Parrot on ladder

Wedding bells at Palm House

Wedding guests

Heading to the beach

Guests heading to beach for surprise

Waiting for fire show surprise

Guest book table

Palm House

Paul lights up

Paul and Lara

Paul and Lara

Fire show on the beach

Everyone enjoyed the show

Fire show fun


Dani and Leon getting a private fire dance

Heading to Fido's

Happy couple Dani and Leon

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Keli said...

Love it! Thanks for the excellent photos and coming!

tacogirl said...

Anytime, glad I got to come take pics of the happy couple and see the fire show.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the owners. Great pictures. Hope you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful setting for a wedding.
I have such fond memories of Palm House as I spent my honeymoon there nearly 9 years ago.

Anonymous said...

My late husband is the one that built Palm House in 1989/1990. He died in a car crash in Oct.1990, and I never got to see the house in person finished. It was his dream. Beautiful,memories galore,and a peace that I never had anywhere else.

tacogirl said...

Anon it is a beautiful setting - what a great place to honeymoon.

Anon sorry to hear about your husband. He did a wonderful job in bring his dream to life with Palm House.