Walters Cake Party

Friday, October 12, 2007

All conversations seem to go back to food sex or bodily functions...

I decided to pop on the message board for a bit while taking a break from getting decorations ready and the conversation quickly went to food so my appetite was already growing when my nose caught a whiff of the BBQ at Warumguma. Paul saw my eyes light up and said I should get some for lunch when we were done our errand.

We were on our way to gecko graphics, I wanted to order a picture key chain with Walter and his kids on it. I was on Belize time in getting that task done and I was very happy when Marie said she would be able to have it ready for me by 4:30 instead of the overnight time frame it usually takes. I know he will love it, Carole Zippy and I are splitting on that and a $50 phone card cause it is double minutes today.

Back to BBQ I ended up getting pork rib with rice and beans and coleslaw for $10 that is just too good to be true ha ha. Also made a stop at big tree and was able to get the phone card and vegetables at the same time how handy is that.

Got to go, arts and crafts time, Walter had a special request for red green and yellow, so I am doing a bit of advance prep and raiding my supplies for those colors.

That was a great craft session I turned added Walters head with tissue paper dreads on a pirate banner that LA brought me , and Paul helped me take a picture of Walter and make a pin the dread on the Walter board. Walter's party is going to be so much fun. Walter loves getting his picture taken so stay tuned for some fabulous party pics.

Sat Morning... Last night was crazy fun, Zippy said we should have turned it into a foam party to clean up the naked bar party posse. Started pics from end of night and working my way back to the beginning. We are on way out to a yard sale with C and Zippy on fire coral street back later.

Nappy birthday Walter

Party people

First cake

Naked bar

Walter about to drink 5 shots in a row

Naked bar party posse and Walter

Believe it or not it is around 7 pm

No wonder they took their clothes off

Busy night

Rudy Charlie

Funny shirt

Sharon and Walter

BBQ time

Some of the gang

Happy Walter

Walter hanging with his friends

Birthday boy

Hair swap

2 rasta's

Enough hair to share

Present time

Walter and his sister

Snack time

Walter and himself

Zac Paul Paul Lara Maya

Pin the dread on Walter

Walters friend

Walter friend Ginger



Back room party

Shake it

Back room Dj

Watching poi show

Paul Lara Walter


Ginger Walter Lara

Lara's new poi balls

Happy people

Back room party

Back room booty shaking

Walter's colors


Zac and Herb

Paul Maya Paul

Paul Maya Paul

Walter dancing with himself

Walter and Paul

Another Walter

Happy Birthday Walter

Cake from Tabu

Walter and friend

Walter with his cakes

Fun never ends

Circling each other

Sandy Cindy

2 Pauls

Let's get him

Sand wrestling champions

Paul saving his glasses

Army boys and 2 Pauls

Late night fun

2 wet Pauls 1 army boy


Shorts on head - Zippy's foam party idea was a good one

Cindy Soaked paul


C said...

Looking forward to those pictures Laurie!!!!

Ginger - guest at Changes said...

How in the world did I miss all of that nakedness? I swear I was there by 7.

tacogirl said...

It's that old Saying Ginger the early bird catches the worm. We were there around 5:30 pm to decorate and naked bar started not long after. Now that I think of it they were probably doing it before we arrived ha ha.

travelqueen said...

Daym!!! Look at all the nekkid hotties! Love me some British Soldiers!!!

Fun pictures chica!

Ginger - guest at Changes said...

tacogirl said: It's that old Saying Ginger the early bird catches the worm