Wet - Hot - Sticky

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Rainy season and that means we are in for wet - hot - sticky weather. Although the sun made an appearance after the rain stopped this morning make no mistakes it is wet out there.

As I walked through Boca Del Rio to go to the school and meet Paul Tranter and Paul Bird from Johnston International Ltd. Belize City as they generously donated use of their barge to bring furniture to the school. I saw the roads were in their normal rainy state, I had no idea about the lakes I was about to find across the bridge. Needles to say if you are heading to San Pedro it is a good idea to have some water shoes. Miss Linda said it took her one hour to walk from Palapa Bar to the school this morning.

On the way home I decided to take the beach and was glad I did. The water was so clear and I saw all kinds of cool fish. I felt like a kid dawdling along looking at everything, what a great feeling. As I got near Capt Sharks Julie from Caye Casa stopped to offer me a ride. I gladly took her up on it as she was going to mash just down the road from the tacoshack. When I got home, I got to talk to Susan from the message board and make plans to meet up later at Pedro's then Carole and Dick popped by for a quick visit.

So far I have walked 5496 steps today which comes to 1.56 miles - 1969 aerobic steps and 16 min of aerobic activity.

Alex just stopped by for homework help, he had asked me to print something on the stages of the butterfly the other day for extra credit and so he came by to pick it up today. After we got that out of the way, he tested out my balloon blower and made some fun balloon shapes.

Pedro's was fun, met up with mystkyl1 from the message board and her gang and also Terri and Ty came out for bowling and golf. Carole turned up too and had a round of bowling with us, then we went with her to the hanger to pick up Dick after work.

Boca Del Rio is wet

Road near Casa Pan Dulce

Puddle season

Wet roads in Boca Del Rio

Water level at the cut is high

Makeshift sidewalk

Paul Paul and Vernon

Paul Tranter and Paul Bird from Johnston International Ltd.

Lots of water

What a lake

Road north

Water level at the cut

Shell in water

Smaller fish




Puddles on th beach

Tamale man

Alex's new hat

Making balloon shapes

Fancy hat

Heading home

Jager time

New members of the bowling league