Gringos Gone Wild

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bill Becky and Dcg came by with loads of goodies for us, thanks guys. We dropped Becky off for a haircut with Carole and they headed BC's - I came home to get camera and "shake your thang" entry jar.

Both Pauls already got into the chocolate. Getting ready to head out to the party soon.

It is only 10:43 pm and I feel like it is 3 am. Going to eat my Ali Baba chicken and fries then sort out pics. Paul said if need be he will handle blog tomorrow as Becky and I are on a boat to Altun Ha at 8:40 am tomorrow.

It is 12:20 am and I have officially turned into a pumpkin, I am cross eyed and can no longer sort through or upload any more pictures. I have ordered Paul to bed (he was sleeping on couch) and I am following him asap.

Dcg and Bill

2 Pauls heading to BC's

Water was perfect as always

Drummer Dan Singing

Charlie taking a swim

Party posse

Laura and Bill

KC - Dcg - Bill - Becky - Buzz

Bruce and KC

Simon - Bill - Dcg

Simon - Buzz - Karen - Dcg

Cindy and Richard with Kenmel and IGAmel

Simon and Dcg

KC - Buzz and his friend - Dcg - Simon

Richard - Cindy - Kenmel and IGAmel - Paul

Zac is Back

Miss Lara

Usual Suspects

Dennis Wolfe

"Shake your thang"





Lara - Paul

Play with fire and you might get burned

Lara - Andi-Lee - Zac

Lara and Andi-Lee Zac on drums

Andi-Lee - Paul and Zac drumming

Glow poi and fire poi - Lara and Andi-Lee

Paul and Molly

Ali Baba chicken run

Paul and Cindy

Tropic hanger


travelqueen said...

Honey those picutures are awesome!!! Looks like fun!

Hey, who will dcg kiss this round???? :P

Nova said...

After careful deliberation, I've concluded that I love seeing all of those wonderful friends having such a fabulous time!

cathcartww said...

Great pictures - we were there that day (we could pick ourselves out sitting at the bar behind the band) and you did a great job capturing the atmosphere of the day ....

We were staying next door with a group of about 40 friends, and it seems like at least some of us are in the background of your pictures during that week


tacogirl said...

Hi Cath thanks for the compliment :)