BBQ and Simpsons

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I was planning to post some pictures around town but I just finished my bbq and feeling like I want a day off.

Earlier Paul and I went and got Warumguma bbq pork rib is $10 bzd each I think lobster is $25 is good deal for the price and sold on weekend only.

While we were waiting for bbq we walked to super buy to get chips for a snack tonight big excitement ha ha. It was breezy and cooler here today which made it nice for drying my laundry and couch surfing.

Back to the Simpsons - the martians are taking over.


travelqueen said...

Yum! I really love that place!

tacogirl said...

Yeah they make a mean shrimp or lobster burrito, their ceviche is good too.