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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fantastic day for snorkeling and a bit of fishing. We went as far north as Grand Caribe and anchored there to snorkel. Saw my first shark in the water today was about the length of my leg and had a straight looking front - a barracuda as long as my arm - lots of sea urchins - colorful fish - amazing brain coral - all kinds of cool shapes of coral and other interesting things to look at.

Headed a short way south to fish - caught a nice snapper and another silvery fish - we did not get many big fish today - I saw them underneath the water but they looked sleepy hanging out in clusters by coral heads and not looking for a snack ha ha.

After fishing we went lagoon side to go check out Blue Lotus - saw Sunny and Ruby and had the best pina colada.

Got to go catch a few min down time as we are meeting up to go try Blue Moon the new restaurant above big Daddy's tonight with a few of the brat pack.

Dinner was great the food was yum and prices to match. Afterwards we finished at DandE's for coconut ice cream with a fudge bullseye in the center.

I just got a call from Carole and she said Charlie was at her house and asked if I could call Pedro and let him know where Charlie was and that Carole and Dick would drop her off - Pedro was glad for that.

No snow just a bag of ice

Packing Miss Carole

Hannah Bonnie Emma - heading to Caye Caulker

Miss Carole

Putting in Posts

Working hard

Grand Caribe

Great snorkeling off Grand Caribe

Blue Sea

Snorkel spot

Umbrella overboard

Caught it

First fish with rod from Bill and Becky

Heading towards the lagoon


View from Blue Lotus

View from Blue Lotus

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Anonymous said...

nice Fish, Glad you got to use the rods we brought you :)

Bill & Becky

tacogirl said...

We totally are enjoying our rods thanks so much.