I should have known

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I should have known better than to have a few drinks last night at the Casino party. Since I did not have any at Fidos on Friday night and it was an open bar, I thought what the heck might as well celebrate with my friends. I paid for that choice though - now that I am feeling better after a day of rest it does not seem so bad, but realistically if I think back to last night or this morning I would say it was totally not worth it.

Paul pulled the futon out and made sure I was comfortable he even went and got a few things and cooked me a nice breakfast.

Ice truck



travelqueen said...

Ya... had I known - I wouldn't have woken you up so early! :P

Sorry bout that!! xo

tacogirl said...

It is ok coming from you, cause you know I am usually up early.