3 month Anniversary

Monday, January 21, 2008

Shout out to Courtney who just passed her 3 month anniversary on Ambergris Caye and is well settled and loving every minute of it.

Congrats girl so glad we met - You win the prize for biggest Perez Hilton fan in San Pedro.

I will leave you with a slice of her vision on "Living the Dream" - Capt Jeff



Coral ledge

Crocodile sunset

Everyday Bliss

Happy homes

Catch of the day

Lot's of fish

My fish

Nice catch

Sun rays on Coral


Anonymous said...

Hi, Courtney:
Karen (Gracie's mom) and I were just talking about you today and when I got home tonight, I received an e-mail from you! We were wondering how you were. . . you look great to me. Lauren asks if you have seen any mermaids-- She wants to know if you think they are real!
Carolyn and lauren

Britty said...

Heyyy Courtney! wowowowowow! It's sooo pretty there! looks like you're having alot of fun!Here it's very.....cold. Or should i say FREEZING! I'm going to Stokes soon. Or as some people know it as NJSOC. Hearts forever! <333

Wangbu said...

Wonderful Pics. I wish I was there. That so big of a catch!

tacogirl said...

wangbu that was a big catch for sure

carolyn lauren and britty cheers for checking out courtney on tacogirlblog