Playa Del Carmen to San Pedro

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Last day in Playa.

It is pouring down with rain and I hope it stops soon or I will be drenched walking back to our hotel - Paul just turned up all wet. Looks like we have time for a quick coffee then hustle to the bus station - good thing we are a stones throw away from everything that helps a lot. We were very pleased with Michele's hotel recommendation and would definitely stay there again.

Ado bus had more leg room and was much colder than Mayabgood thing I had my wrap Paul and I were able to share it. I spent the ride napping, snacking taking pics out the window reading teen vogue and eat pray love. When we got to Chetumal, Revey from Get Transfers was waiting in the bust station to meet us. He helped us get across the border quick and easy and we made it to the airport 1 h ahead of time whic meant we were able to catch an earlier flight back to San Pedro.

3 stories


First room on right second one on left

Rob and Michele's on the right our hotel was just past them- parking lot on left.

Unique wood furniture


Heading to stop point

Tostada from stop off on the way home 2 cost 5 pesos


Pink house

Thatched roof house

Blue Church - Iglesia De Dios De La Profeda

Bus stop

Sign on the way from Playa

Side road

Buildings at side of road

Tacos El Gordo

Roadside vendors

Water along highway

Fruits stand

Plant growing place

Big Modelo cans

Get Transfers information

Tropic Air

Air strip





Water and Mangroves

Air shot

Heading for San Pedro

South west side of Island


Heather said...

Oh no, I just caught this information that you were here! Darn it! Well, next time maybe I'll get to meet you.

tacogirl said...

Next time Heather it was a very fast trip. We are planning to come to the Bloggers conference and would love to meet you.

Debbie said...

Hi tacogirl
My husband and I sat next to you on the tropic air flight to Corozal. You have a very well done blog. I've been enjoying reading it...
maybe we'll get to see you next Feb in Belize.

tacogirl said...

I remember you Debbie - hope to see you again soon, thanks for the compliment on blog.