King size island

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Could not connect with the Doctor today for a visit so I am blogging in bed and relaxing to the tunes of Love fm.

Perfect selection of cool and schmaltzy songs today.

Song list and juicy-bedroom pic to come.

Just realized while shooting the picture below I have officially outed us as people who sleep with stuffed animals. These are our pets - ZippyManatee - butterfly - Waylin - Patrick - big red heart

Here is some Love fm that I heard this aft interspersed catchy jingles with creole commercials

Starting over - John Lennon
Down town - Petula Clark
Do you want to know a secret?
Truly Deeply - Savage Garden
I'll be there -Sade
some boy band
Guess I'm on my way
I want to thank you - Dido
Easy like Sunday morning
Happy Spanish song
I'm Like Bird - Nelly F
First Last Everything - Barry White
You make me feel like Dancing
Jessy's girl
Hurt so good - talk about schmaltzy
coming in from the cold - Bob Marley been waiting for 2 days to hear him lol.
On top of the world Ann Murray
3:32 DB called
Hot Child in the city
Don't Leave me this way
Some guys have all the luck
Worlds longest Beatles mix is on now - I swear they mixed every mix ever made on this one

Eating porridge Cinnamon roll Apple and cut up a banana - I was craving stick to your ribs - and getting full with little effort ha. Owo knows comfort foods I guess I do do as the apple pack was from last years hurricane kit. What a nut I packed porridge so I knew I could be instantly full anytime I needed. I often wonder who put my stomach in charge?

Things on my king size island besides me



travelqueen said...

Save that SI for me! That Marisa Miller is a hotty!!! lol

tacogirl said...

You got it girl there will be a full range of relatively new magazines for you to browse next time you stay at the tacoshack