On Vacation

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's 5:33 am. Can't wait to get on the road so I can get to cat napping - neither of us wanted to get out of bed this morning.

Glad we organized our stuff a bit last night as I seem to be having a hard time waking up my brain.

Colette graciously offered to blog while we are away but I just could not get it together to talk about it at the party - I had said I would make a plan at the party with her.

So for updates on what a great time we are having you can check in with the Mexico bloggers - Life's a Beach - Heather in Paradise - Cancun Canuck - Gringo in Paradise

Waiting for take out


Moon was up

The cut


The girls and Flat Stanley

Me dressed warm for after dark - everyone laughed till it got cold ha ha

Enjoying food and friends

Boys shot

Courtney Paul Beth

Lara Greg

Tulu Greg Diane



Jana said...

miss laurie, flat stanley is not old enough
to drink.
thank you for taking good care
of flat stanley.my mom will
pick him up soon.

love Jana

tacogirl said...

He was just pretending Jana. Hope to see you sometime soon.