Sunday Brunch at Rico's

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We are off to meet the some of the brat pack and give Sunday brunch buffet at Rico's a try.

Last weekend was their first one so we figured let them iron out the kinks and then go enjoy.

Brunch is all you can eat - $25 bzd - 8:30am - 2pm - indoor and outdoor seating available.

What a great time chatting with friends and grazing at the buffet for a couple of hours - ok well maybe I did more than graze ha ha. When we arrived they were just in process of restocking the buffet - we got to enjoy eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, bacon, salad, fruit, a custom made omelet. They brought out chicken curried rice and another dish as well but by that time we were too full to keep tasting it all.

Afterwards Paul and I came home happy, full and enjoyed quiet time listening to oldies on Love fm.

Moving inside


Brunch Buffet

Flowers on table a nice touch

Sunday at Rico's

Gab session

Paul and I - by Sharon


travelqueen said...

That is the cutest picture of you and Paul!!! Looks like a fun brunch!

tacogirl said...

Thanks travelqueen it was fun.