Great Balls of Fun

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big thanks to 'Da Girls' for inviting us all, and everyone for making great balls of fun slumber party a perfect time.

After the very heated discussion Paul and I had a couple of nights ago (the night before we came to the decision we needed to shake things up), it could not have had a better time to get away and chill out with a bunch of fabulous fun funky girls at La Perla.

Power went out this morning but only in our area - Paul saw them working on transformer from our veranda.

It was a perfect time to break from uploading and head to Perk for a coffee. Time check 10:20 am - tasks at hand - working on blog and getting things done before Shannon arrives and organizing stuff for Deluscious headquarters lobsterfest.

Relaxing on the ferry

2 friends going for dinner

Dropped off at dock



Amazing full moon

So big

So round

Nap time

Fabulous girls

Fabulous food

Brownies Yum

Lovely chair and ottoman

Lounge time

Quiet space

So much to see


Morning view

Unique things

More ice please



Great music

Cool plant

Enjoying the scenery

Shade tree

On the water

By the pool

So relaxing

Nice place




Lounging by the pool

Enjoying the view

Heading for home



Michele in Playa said...

Wow. Nice place. Where is that exactly?

tacogirl said...

North end of the Island Michele.