Shake things up

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paul and I had a good talk this morning - we both agreed it's time to shake things up a bit and change our routine.

He came up with the idea to get up around 5:30 am compared to our usual 7 am and take walks on the beach - adding stretches and swimming in sometimes - I thought it was a great idea to break our usual wake up and go straight to our computers routine. My 2 cents on that idea was packing a snack and walking somewhere to watch the sunrise. We agreed to start next week after lobsterfest is done and see how it goes.

I am getting ready to go north on the 5 pm boat. I was invited to a p.j. party by the latitudes girls and I am so in need of some r&r today. Paul will go to Pedro's for all you can eat lobster pizza night - Fat Cat's are playing too.

I got an envelope from CS and Cleo today inside it was a nice postcard, a funky decorated $5 bill with a note on it 'for the tacos to get a treat' - I think it is as frameable as it is spendable and a magnet that said - Walk in the rain - smell flowers - stop along the way - build sandcastles - go on field trips - find out how things work - tell stories - say the magic words - trust the universe. Good advice and very timely too - thanks girls.

Not wanting to go home -Nascargirl and her crew


Michele in Playa said...

OMG! All you can eat Lobster Pizza. Sign me up!!

travelqueen said...

No worries, tacos! I will definitely shake things up!!!! And THANK YOU for deciding to wait until AFTER I leave for the early morning routine to start! :P

tacogirl said...

you will have to come for lobsterfest one time michele

too funny tq