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Friday, August 22, 2008

This morning I leaned about yahoo buzz now being open to everyone - all you bloggers it is worth checking out.

After reading about it on technotip I decided to give it a try and and buzz the Simple Mathematical Trick post - which I found insightful and definitly buzz worthy.

The thing I liked most about yahoo buzz is that if you are yahoo friendly already it allows you to log in with the same password so no new sign up hassles - make it easier for readers to buzz if they already have yahoo accounts.

Note to bloggers... I tried one button and found it was not linking correctly so I decided to try next size up and with tacoboy's help in getting me to add a direct link to this post where is says ARTICLEURL in their button html coding we successfully tag teamed to solve the problem.

DCG gets in at 1 pm so I better get a few things done before we head into town to meet her. Just loaded the crock pot with about 20 lbs of ribs - it was like doing a jig saw puzzle trying to pack them as tightly as I could to leave enough room for the vegetables to go on top.

Luckily I decided to check my email before heading out the door - had 2 vip pm's from the message board - both klcman and sweetjane got texts from DCG that she is landing 1 h early. Now we will meet her first and do our errands after - thanks to Rick for loaning us his cart for our airport pick up.

p.s. It is definitly on my list to reply to everyones wonderful comments - will get to doing so early next week.

We found her on time


Anonymous said...

Let the PARTEE begin........wooofrigginwhooooooooooo

CarbunkleTrumpet said...

That is a good before picture but you will have to post an after. Have fun and we will see you in November!

tacogirl said...

We got the party started right.