Another successful swap

Saturday, September 27, 2008

You just never know when you plan a swap who will come and what kind of stuff you will end up with - no matter who says yes on your e-vite.

Tonight there was no shortage of stuff and people to swap it with. I got some great tops thanks to brusslesprout a terry swimsuit cover up not sure who's that was and a chord from protech Peter for our cd player radio that we inherited from Courtney.

We got loads of stuff tonight

Poker room

Lots of clothes

Look what Capt Jeff found - how did those make it here??

Girls swapping clothes

Lots to choose from

Amanda brought more stuff

A big box to pick through

More stuff

Capt Jeff and Pedro

Lara scored a few things - taken by purdygirl

Pedro 2 pauls and I taken by purdygirl

Watching the game