Big Parade

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling hot hot hot hot.

I have been up since 6am and blogging, chatting on coconut phone, watching spongebob and reading. Paul still sleeping - not sure how with the noise of the power washer from S.P. Hardware. (that did not take long to wake him up ha ha)

Got plans to meet up Capt Jeff this afternoon for the big Independence day parade. Tested our phone with Carole this morning and it seems to be working for now. Will try to get one of the phones working that nascargirl brought down - have to get it back from Lara as she was trying to make a match with any of the phones ng brought to her extra chargers and may have a match on one. It is kind of funny a bunch of us have been stockpiling bits and pieces in case anyone needs spares.

I totally want to nap right now but have to get ready to go meet Capt Jeff at Catamaran. Been playing mini chat tag with pug maybe we will find him later in person.

Got my temp bz flag tattoos on and Live Love Belize shirt on courtesy of brusslesprout and I am ready for the parade.

Started uploading pics and got restless - off to meet up with Capt Jeff in town will finish later.



Anonymous said...

Pug shoulda brought his Bunny suit!

Tina said...

Great Pics!! I missed all the fun,happy to see the great time had by all. Tina

dajewel1982 said...

great pics!!!!

tacogirl said...

Anon lol @ pug in a bunny suit

Thanks tina and dajewel1982