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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big shout out to Yasser from The World For Blogs - thanks for finding me and including me on your guest list.

Aquafit was great today - Michele - Shuffles - Mary1220 - Nora - Maureen and I. As usual we were cracking up in the pool and having so much fun - before class I looked in the mirror and saw my waist getting a nice curve to it.

Not seen the Jayhawks yet - supposed to meet Suecate tonight at Pedro's.

Stay tuned there is more to come.

1:46 pm chatting shuffles and Jo on the coconut phone - listening to love fm and cleaning. Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree is playing now. If anyone is texting with Jayhawks and reads this please tell them we would love a pop in from them.

Back to cleaning for a bit.

3:32 pm chat break between shuffles bill and message board - everyone on major countdown to landing in San pedro.

4:56 pm love the new blog look - thanks tacoboy

Suecate and JD

KC bowling

Scotty Bowling

Video Paul

Suecate and crew


tq said...


tacogirl said...

Thanks tq I love it too - my tech guy is brilliant.

Shopgirl said...

YIPPEE!!! LOVE the new page, great format and very easy to browse through. Thanks and smooches to the tech boy(TB) for adding the Mexico blogs ;-) I started to catch up and realized I will need a few quiet hours and possibly a few bottles of wine also. Have a great day.

tacogirl said...

So glad you like it shopgirl - took a while to get it ironed out and find the right look. Will pass along smooches to tacoboy fir getting Mexico blogs back up there. You have a great day as well.