Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last minute reminder about to night's Crock talk - email information Courtesy of Studio C

Dec 11th, Thursday evening at 7 PM, at Sun Breeze Conference room, Marisa Tellz (croc expert) is presenting a program on the American Crocodile, an endangered species...except for here where they crawl out on the roads and hiss. Studies have shown the croc has the strongest immune system ever. But here they have become infected and are dying. So they are trying to move them to a sanctuary to be studied for auto-immune disease. Their habitat has been consumed here and they are coming into living areas (actually, our living areas are overcoming them). It will be both an informative and social event. Hope to see you there.

A few things I learned at Crock Talk...

23 species of Crocs 18 are endangered
Crocks have 3000 lbs per square inch jaw power
They can sprint 11 miles per h
Courtship lasts 2 weeks to a month
Crocs lat 15 - 50 eggs
10 days prior to hatching baby crocs start communicating with their mothers
Crocodile antibodies may cure diseases like HIV
Feeding crocs frozen chicken kills them - it is like poison.
Education is the key for conservation and stopping illegal feeding
People need to learn how to properly cohabit with crocs
Crocks in the wild eat 50 times a year - daily feeding is not healthy for them.

The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary or ACES website is worth visiting. They work in relocating problematic animals - helping ill treated animals and providing education for students and the community.