Dinner with a new Friend

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Susie8888 asked us to join her for dinner tonight. We suggested Hidden treasures and said we would walk over to meet her at Changes in Latitude so we could all go over together.

Sometimes there is not a cab to be found when you need one - lucky for us Kilpatrick and his girl were driving by and brought us right there.

Susie8888 and I both ordered ribs. She chose the coconut rice and I had mine with roast potatoes - Paul had coconut chicken and coconut rice. We chatted away and got to know each other more.

After dinner we headed off to the beach bar to see Paul and Zac do fire show. When we got there we saw lots of friends and sat down with Jack and Rick for a bit. I can tell Paul has been practicing a lot cause he has some slick new moves.