A+ for tacoboy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I woke up from the strangest dream this morning. I was right in the middle of a timed shopping spree. I was in the toy department looking for games and thinking I would have enough time to head back to clothing before my time was up. Not sure what store or country but do remember thinking the blue lounge chair covers may be difficult to carry.

It's almost the new year and this week I have decided to clean up my email in box which is no small task as I have 52 pages of emails to go through and check what can be deleted.

I wrote on the black board for this week that I will work on doing 5 pages worth a day (among other things) and got a bit ahead by doing 7 yesterday.

While on my mission I found some pictures from Michele of the Cenote she took us to in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

Rob and Michele are a great example of a family who chose to live in a 3rd world country with 3 kids ( A teenager and 2 younger ones) and have been very successful for themselves. They are a good role model especially for people with kids to show you can make the tropical dream work.

Above is a picture of Paul and I in my pre aquafit days. I have definitly toned up a bit since then. In some of the pics below there are some very fit boys doing some incredible acrobatics. It is pretty amazing what they can do. Tacoboy gets an A + for being willing to aquafit class sometimes.

I made it down to 40 pages and 1000 emails - not including what is in folders that is just my in box. Doing my best to organize last years correspondence before the New Year. I am curious if anyone else goes through this or do you keep on top of emails regularly and avoid the build up? - please leave a comment and let us all know. Will keep plugging away later. Just finishing my iced coffee and trying to figure out if I should wear wetsuit to pool. Chunkyruth is in mini chat she said probably not a bad idea for me today.



Rob said...

Thanks for the kind words!! I can tell you that moving down here is not as simple as it seems. It helps tremendously that Michele and I are a team and tend to tackle things with a grain of salt in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

My other advice for people thinking about chucking it all for the beach life is that you need to say hello to the ex-pats that are already in your beach town, they will make the transition to life down here 100 times easier.

As for the email thing, I am just setting up a new Mac (I know I am late in joining the party!) and right now it is downloading over 9000 emails!! I will be sorting email until next New Years!

Happy New Year, Tacos!!

Michele in Playa said...

Hi guys!! What a nice surprize to see your nice post this morning! That was such a fun day at Cenote Azul. I hope we get to see you both soon. Happy New Year and much success in 2009!

tacogirl said...

Rob and Michele you make a great team. 9000 emails omg you win the prize there I am so glad I only had about 2000 or less to deal with. Wishing you both a great 2009.