Pool time Surprise

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I had a secret surprise for aquafit today - tacoboy. I knew everyone would be glad to have him join the class - the more the merrier.

When we got close to the pool we ran into Madame on her way there, she was in her snazzy new personalized golf cart - a Christmas present from JD.

Ruth and Chunky were already there waiting for us and had the equipment out. We chatted a bit and joked about Paul being the second pool boy and that he better not upstage Chunky. He fit in with the class quite well and was able to do most of the moves fairly easily - except a couple of deep end ones he found harder. It is amazing how much we all agree that Madame's classes are as good for our minds as they are for our bodies - probably all the laughing we do.

We had another surprise shortly after class started Susie8888 turned up to join us. It was nice to meet in person and I am sure we will run into each other again over the course of the week that she is here.

Shout out to Shuffles hope you are not loosing any digits from the cold. We miss you at class.

Street sweepers

Off to the pool

Madame in her new cart


Chunky and Paul

Getting ready for class

Paul and I - by Ruthie

Paul getting a noodle

Paul Ruthie and Chunky

Water is a bit cold today - by Ruthie

Madame and Paul - by Ruthie

Paul Madame and I - by Ruthie

Holding up my weights - by Ruthie

Paul and I - by Ruthie

Deep end part of the class

Paul Chunky and Ruthie

Madame and Susie8888

Paul and I - by Ruthie

Chatting after class


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Great, not only do you rub it in that it is nice and warm (sleeting here today) the pic of you two makes me now want to keep my shirt on for the rest of my life! Both of you looking good - (curse word omitted)
Merry Christmas and we miss you!

Tim Callanan said...

Hope to see you at the pool one of these days,I could use the exercise.I also want to be a pool boy!

tacogirl said...

Ct and Tim you are both welcome to class anytime. We like boys at aquafit especially ones with a good sense of humor.

tq said...

Whoa Hon! Your are lookin HOT!!!! Wow! Very nice swimsuit too!!!

tacogirl said...

Thanks tq - can't beat old navy for decent cheap swimsuits.