Reef Christmas Party

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tonight is my cousin Erin's 14th annual secret Santa party. While we are sad to miss seeing our friends and family and the best holiday party - we will not miss bundeling up to go there. As you will see from pictures below from the Reef Village staff holiday party we are all very much enjoying our festive celebrations in shorts and t-shirts.

Last night was the reopening of Roadkill Bar - now under new management. It was also my first Christmas party of the season held at Dreadys for the Reef Village party. Technically it was Pauls second Christmas do as he had stopped by Pedro's earlier and said it was a madhouse - Pedro was throwing a party for all his construction workers.

Thanks for putting us on your guest list JD - you sure throw a great party. There was pig cooked in Orange Walk and flown over with all kinds of other yummy food to choose from. People were raising their glasses in good cheer and the jager was flowing freely. The party was so much fun we even called Francisco our new fav cab driver (thanks to Mary1220) and asked him if he could go get Paul and Cherie (Cindy's Mom) and bring them over to join us. Sharon turned up not long after as did Madam and we all had a lovely time.