Sky painting

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just back from the pool and sitting down to a hot bowl of vegetable soup to warm up. The water was warmer yesterday but I was a bit cold still by the end of class.

On One Caribbean Weather this aft and they had some lovely shots of Grand Cayman Island - makes me want to visit - the water looked stunning. When they were announcing the weather, Joey Stevens and Bob the parrot sent a wave and a hello to all their friends in Belize and the islands off the coast. Sending you both a hello and a wave back from Ambergris Caye Island off the coast of Belize.

Recently Paul and I decided to track our spending for the month of December. Every day we have faithfully been writing down every penny we spend in my notebook. For the last 5 days our grand total is $169.45. That includes... a few groceries - cigarettes daily - 1 cab ride to town - 2 aquafit classes - coffee at perk - four 5 gal water jugs - 6 tostadas and 2 news papers. How's that for frugal ha ha. I am sure after the next 2 days - weekend of the boat parade, our weekly total will jump up.

Shout out to Kimberly Dellamonica in San Mateo CA. - I can totally see why "Knock Knock it's Nate" contest chose you as a design contest winner for O Magazine. Loved your tropical paradise home getaway.

What do you see in the clouds? Please feel free to leave a comment and share.



rump shaker said...

in number 6 i see two long skinny arms reaching out to hug something

Carbunkle Trumpet said...

I see the outline of "Trumpets come back to the island, you didn't drink all the beer!"

dithers said...

hey miss lorry hello from viet nam! i just checked out a few pages of your unfolding story and seen a pic somewhere of your bod! holy cow girl you look better than ten years ago! glad things are good. everything is very good here in saigon.

i got kind of a blog/news thingy going too, come by sometime, nobody but me posts, but you could send a shout out sometime!


tacogirl said...

Hey Darcy nice to hear from you. Aquafit classes have really got me in shape - I figured even at 41 it is not to late to get a bikini body ha ha. Good you are enjoying Saigon am checking out your link now.