Snow in San Pedro

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just kidding - according to chunkyruths thermometer it is a balmy 84 degrees in the shade.

Wish I could say the pool was as warm ha ha.

Class was lots of fun today I would give it a 10 on the laughter scale - Madam (as JD calls Maureen) definitly had us feeling the burn.

We also had our first reindeer sighting on a roof top near the pool. The reindeer in combination with the sky and the cold water definitly gave us all the reminders we need of winter.

Have not used my pedometer today so I decided to check distance to pool even though I know it is not far - from our front gate to the pool is .28 of a mile and 911 steps.

Cnunky and Ruth heading to the pool

Lino's Meat almost finished - new south location by gas station

Ruth and Chunky

Getting acclimatised




travelqueen said...

I wish I could get a lil pool action today.

tacogirl said...

Me too.

Terrielinn said...

TG: The title of this post got me going. Very funny. As I looked out my window this morning (here in Minnesota) I took time to notice that it is not much different than the view there in SP. What, with the sugary white ground cover, the breeze from the water, the trees waving gently and the sun bright and high... could be, but....BURRRRR Where's the heat?

Thanks for the laugh.

tacogirl said...

Wishing you warm Terrielinn and a trip to San Pedro.