Solstice in San Pedro

Monday, December 22, 2008

In our old neighborhood Kensington Market, we used to watch the Festival of Lights annual Solstice parade pass by our house every year and watch people with handmade lanterns masks and all kinds of interesting decorations to celebrate Winter Solstice.

Yesterday I was planning to take a day off and just do nothing when Ruby called and invited us to come out to Brahma Blue for some African drumming a meditation and fire to ring in Solstice. Paul decided to celebrate on the couch while Lara and I headed out to catch the boat and enjoy some time across the lagoon.

We had a great time playing by the pool. The meditation that Ruby had us do was a dancing thing - she put on this really cool music and invited us all to just let loose and shake it all out - something everyone would benefit from doing on a regular basis. After we finished that we got to enjoy some really cool African drumming by Zac, Abdulla and Lori.



Tim Callanan said...

Looked like ya all had lot of fun over there, nice flick.The drumming sounded excellent.

Michele in Playa said...

Very cool. I love the drumming. Reminds me of Hopkins.

tacogirl said...

Thanks Tim and Michele - was fun.