Victoria House Romance

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's almost time to go now and neither of us is ready to leave - our 24 h of romance at Victoria House has come to an end. It is a strong reminder of how our message board friends all feel when they are leaving San Pedro to go home. Even though we are only heading a few minutes down the road to our house - what I am feeling inside is no less than if we were getting on an airplane at the end of a 2 week vacation. I am a bit surprised as I have not felt this way in leaving somewhere since we moved to the tropics 3 years ago - this is a sure sign that our romantic getaway is needed more often.

We both fell in love with Victoria House the moment we arrived - everything about it from location to architecture to warm friendly staff an delicious food made our romantic getaway just perfect. What more could we have asked for... drinks at Admiral Nelsons Beach Bar with Dan and Eileen - a fabulous dinner at Palmilla Restaurant and breakfast by the pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea.


Robes and all

Lovely rooms

Room for 2

Upstairs bathroom

View from upstairs front balcony

View from upstairs front balcony

Loungers on upstairs balcony

Seating on back balcony

and sunset view

Loved the concrete finish on stairs

Kitchen and downstairs seating area

Downstairs bedroom

Downstairs bathroom

Front Veranda

Paul chatting with Dan and Eileen

Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining

Palmilla Restaurant

Paul - Tempura Shrimp - myself - Grilled Lobster Salad

Paul - Grilled Beef Tenderloin - Myself - Sea & Sun Platter

Lovely grounds

Morning coffee

Paul - Eggs Benedict - Myself Caribbean breakfast and English muffin

Poolside lounging at it's best

Palmilla Restaurant

Beautiful grounds

Lounging before breakfast

Pool overlooking Caribbean Sea

Outside dining

Admiral Nelsons Beach Bar

Big Palapa by the lap pool

Lap pool with infinity edge

Lap pool

We stayed in the left hand side of the building on the right.


Erin said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Too funny-- some good friends of ours just spent their honeymoon at Victoria House. And my fiance and I are coming to San Pedro in January but we'll be staying at The Palms (for the third time). I love reading your blog and seeing what's going on in paradise RIGHT NOW. :)

tq said...

WOW! And tacoboy didn't propose? Bummer!

What a beautiful place!! I had no idea it was so nice!

tacogirl said...

Thanks Erin - what a great place for a honeymoon - The Palms is great too.
Glad you are loving tacogirl blog.

He did tq - tacoboy proposed that we need to do this more often and I said yes. :)

It is so beautiful you must see it in person and really drink it in.