Booted again...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to the pool - will get to see who turned up for Tai Chi. I had every intention to go but the state of the internet greatly slowed down my morning work. Booting left right and center today. I hope I can slow my mind down enough for class - it is a gorgeous sunny day so that will help. Cloud watching is always a good way to chill out - occasional planes are fun too - we laugh and say if they are flying south some people are sad and flying north everyone is excited happy and getting their San Pedro high. Was interesting to see Erin and Jo go through it for second time.

Chat you later....

Pool was fabulous - hot hot hot. I was not cold by the end of class and quite happier for it.
Ruthie has been bringing her weights into the deep end so I decided to give it a try and we were figuring out some new ways to increase our work out. Madame said we would try some out next class.

Went for an afternoon cart ride south here are a few pics...

Scored a ride with Chunky and Ruth

Tai Chi

Tai Chi walk


Chatting after class



j said...

You goona to kidding me, this isn't look like Tai Chi, even first lesson good teacher will teach you how to control your breath as receive energy from the earth.

tacogirl said...

Zac is quite knowledgeable in his teaching he does explain about breath but hard to tell that from a picture. The class starts with Chi gong warm ups and then goes into Yang style tai chi at the end.