It's raining it's pouring

Monday, January 26, 2009

7:34 am
Late start this morning but it's pouring rain and I could not help laying in bed a bit longer. Been raining since about 1:30 am last night. We both woke up and rushed around checking windows - I forgot my crank radio was outside but luckily it was in a dry patch when I found it.

8:20 am Ran is letting up a bit. Finishing of my first coffee of the day and chatting with Sharon on the coconut phone. Amazing how sometimes chatting with friends can put life in fresh perspective. I say that because chatting with Sharon about all the good changes going on in her world is spilling over and making me feel excited about what is to come for us all.

Erin and Jo start their journey here tomorrow with an overnight in Newark and then turn up here on Wed for 10 whole winter free days. Enough at the computer for now - time to go clean house.

What a difference since yesterday which was bright - hot - sunny and dreamy - perfect for laying in the hammock reading and listening to the radio. Today brings cool gray skies and puddles - perfect weather for staying in and getting things done.

Got a jump start on my work yesterday by filling in my blackboard list ahead of time. so far I have 10 important and fairly quite detailed things to do on my weekly list and keep adding to it as I think new things.

Almost finished cleaning our bathroom - taking a quick blog break then will finish up and enjoy a hot bath. My plan is to alternate between cleaning something - filling in parts of my list and blogging. Having a short attention span I find it makes things easier to do small short bursts then move onto something else - makes for a lot on the go at once. If I am getting into something specific though I will just ride that wave as long as it lasts.

I also went through my old note book yesterday to see if there was anything I missed doing and here are a few noteworthy things I found.

Request from San Pablo neighborhood watch - if you see a light that is burnt out please tie a colored fabric around the pole or something easily identifiable and let BEL know where the bulb is that needs to be replaced. We all love living in a Safe San Pedro so this is a simple way to pitch in and keep it that way.

Shout out - to Tina and Tim. Tina had to fly back to the states as her dad is not well. We are sending good thoughts your way. Also found an old shout out - not sure if it is on Belize time or a repeat... Coco Loco's - hi to Marlin from Melissa and Edwin from Atlanta.

Enjoying a coffee break and deciding what comes next. Paul still not felling 100% so he is taking short a rest break to recharge his batteries.

2:15 pm
FYI from FOTHS (friends of the humane society) please pass it on... today's meeting is postponed due to rain - meeting will be held tomorrow at 5:3o pm Road kill.

Just joined Hub pages and got my profile done - and started a notes file in my social media folder. Will make a page soon but probably not today though as I am off to do some chores like get the bottles ready to put out for someone to take and sort out our plastic bags and make a pile for Maria. Doing bags is a good one cause I can sit in front of the tv.

Got a few groceries and Video Paul dropped by. Tacoboy and I are tag teaming dinner - I did the prep and he is doing the cooking. We are having rice and chicken stir fry with green pepper - onion - garlic and honey soy marinade. Yum. If you are feeling winters cold chill check out Video Paul's YouTube page to warm you up.

9:45pm -
Started pouring buckets again but stopped almost as fast as it started - there be some big puddles tomorrow. We are feeling content after a nice meal and watching tv.

Plants by the tub

Useful things for bathtime

Sorting bags for Maria - Is there someone in your neighborhood may benefit from your gently used plastic bags? Makes a great chore for kids and teaches them about recycling.


PureLove10 said...

WoW... this is a very interesting story of your life!

Michele in Playa said...

What does Maria do with her plastic bags? Have you seen the items that La Gringa in Honduras crochets out of these bags. Very cool. Ridiculously time consuming, but cool.

tacogirl said...

Thanks PureLove10

Maria sells fruit and fresh juice Michele so if bags are clean she has taken them from me for re-use.
I saw post about crochet bags on a recycling site and was hoping to find someone who could teach the school kids how to make them.