Pooling our resources

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shout out to Cindy on her vacation in Europe - this post is for you.

Video Paul and Ben came over yesterday to check out our fire / leaf cutter ant situation
and decided we should get together and have a potlicker bbq at their place. Jack turned up for a visit and got on the guest list.

Unfortunately right before we were due to leave taco Paul started feeling funny his energy dropped really fast and he said he just needed to rest. Not wanting to miss sunset by the lagoon I went ahead with our food - a big foil packet of coconut curry fish and veggies.

Jack and Gary turned up with steak chops and a container of tasty rum punch with pineapple chunks in it. Ben and video Paul did chicken and rice. I rang taco Paul to see how he was doing - he said he was still not up to coming out and to please bring him home a plate of food. Poor honey.

We enjoyed great conversation while the food was cooking such as the idea of the 4 day work week. If you knock of Friday and Monday then you would have a nice 4 day weekend and 3 days to go full tilt and be very productive. Since I do not mind Mondays I would likely just knock of Friday and have a 3 day weekend and 4 days of work.

Video Paul also shared his secrets to cooking rice and pasta...

Never wash the local rice first
Bring Salted water to a boil
Add rice bring to a boil again
set timer for 12 min and stir occasionally
Strain put back in the pot to steam a few min
Double time for Brown rice

Boil pasta till it looks done
cut of a small piece and throw it against the wall
If it sticks pasta is ready if it falls off right away keep cooking

The boys were also discussing the secret to good bbq chicken and they all agreed that parboiling the chicken very briefly keeps it nice and moist - after taste testing the chicken I would have to agree 100%. I found it amusing that all the boys are much more into cooking than I will ever be.

Cooking up Molly for Dinner

Basil for Dessert


Getting bbq started


Video Paul manning the bbq

Peaceful by the water

Canal at dusk

Canal and Lagoon

Back yard

Dishes are clean and house not to bad

Video Paul and Molly


Jack doing happy dance

Manning the bbq

Molly Paul Jack and Gary

Posing for pic

Almost ready


Jack and Gary

Setting the table

Let's eat

Dig in - yum


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Some other tips are to soak the chicken overnight in a salt water solution (brining) or vegtable oil. Or do the drunk chicken method as it keeps it very moist as well.
How did Molly taste, I hear they taste like chicken :)

tacogirl said...

That sounds even easier soaking chicken overnight - thanks for the tip CBT. As for Molly Paul decided to keep her a while longer lol.