Post Christmas Stuff Swap

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometime before 9:00am
I got stuck surfing Old Navy site when I should be sorting out my things for the stuff swap. azbob asked if we needed anything when he comes in Feb so I went to check cargo shorts for Paul as he is in need of shorts and caught myself lingering a bit too long. Went from there to chatting Colly on the coconut phone and am finally going to start sorting my stuff. Good job I wake up early ha ha.

Green: For anyone that uses liquid laundry detergent, the containers make great watering cans. Squeeze type containers or parmesan cheese ones for mixing plant food. Can anyone use glass coffee jars? May as well save what we can from the dump. Colette said Maya is great on recycling containers at their house.

Just as I was about to get to making my swap pile bigger Drummer Dan called and asked if he could come by for the lawnmower - got to chatting a bit downstairs with him and Jack.
Message from Drummer Dan to all of you... Thanks for all the well wishes and concern, I am doing much better now.

10:47 am
It is a much bigger job than I thought - Stacy and Clinton ( What not to Wear ) would definitly have mixed reactions if they saw my closet ha ha. I am doing my best to sort through my clothes get rid of what does not fit properly - does not look right or has not been worn in a while. I even have an alteration pile going ha ha. I have to say all this trying on and analyzing is making me a bit crabby When you live on a tropical island it can be a bit difficult wardrobe wise.

Watching total drama island and 6teen - tq arrives any time now. Going to send some stuff ahead with Indygal and Chris and another load with Jeannie , Pam and the kids.

Later that night
Swap was crazy now I know why I got delayed with Shannon and Miss Dianne. When we walked in the door there was a swarm of people at the table and Paul said that was nothing compared to the start. Paul ended up with a ton of cargo shorts from Maya how perfect is that? I got a couple of tops and was happy to have unloaded much more than I took. Ruthie totally scored as well thanks to Colette unloading all these great capri pants. At the end there were 2 big boxes of clothing and a few bags full of stuff for the kitchen staff to do as they pleased with. Ruthie's pics of swap.

Swappers delight

Tables were full

So much stuff turned up - thanks everyone

Bella got the Ruby slippers - passed on from travelprincess in Texas

Maya and Dianne

Miss Colette opening her door prize

She picked right - sparkly silver horns ha ha

Showing off their prize a crank flashlight and cards.

Score for Miss Dianne thanks to Amanda Syme

Mail delivery girl just scored 2 pairs of rain pants for rainy season


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all and lots of treasures found new homes.

CollyK might be wearing devil's horns but look there is a hallo over her.. :)


Michele in Playa said...

Wow! What a hoot! Lookis like you guys had a blast. Dianne must be so psyched about those pants!

tacogirl said...

Swap is always a great time Gail

we had a blast Miclele - Dianne got use of the rain pants right away as we have been having a rainy patch this week