tacobro goes back to snow

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tacobro is catching the last of his hammock time this morning. He is off to the airport shortly and back to winter in Canada. While he is taking off in the puddle jumper to Belize City - I will be in the pool starting Madam's class.

Soon as we hit the road to grab a cab Rudy was driving by and drove us to the airport - thanks for the ride it was perfect timing.

I rang JD from the airport and he rang Madame (she missed my call) and told her to stop by on the way out of town and grab Paul and I - she turned up with a cart load of cushions to drop off for recovering before aquafit. Maureen has the hottest class going in town - there were about 9 of us including Maureen and we had a ball as usual.

FYI: Ak'bol is hosting a Qigong workshop this Sunday Jan. 11 @10-12:30pm. $40BZ.
Visiting instructor/accupuncturist/naturopathy: Carlos Villatoro There will be a brief introduction followed by practice of exercises... You will learn a routine to practice at home.Would love to see you all...
Please pass info onto a friend that may be interested.
Greatly appreciated.
Kirsten Ak'bol Yoga Belize

Qigong is a practice of cultivating energy combining meditation, breathing and movement. Visualizations are employed to enhance the body/mind/spirit connection. promotes relaxation, improves energy, work efficiency, health maintenance and cultivating longevity.

Here are a couple of snow pics sent in by Gailtor - I went and snapped my own versions of the shots she sent me and put one underneath each of hers. Will add more pics from today later when internet speeds up.

Driving in Toronto - January

Driving in San Pedro - January

Snow through the window

Only half a window and no snow



Toronto Parking lot

San Pedro Fitness Club parking lot and Madame's cart

Managed to get the rest of this mornings pictures up.

Big D sent me a reminder on the coconut phone earlier - Jam night at Roadkill tonight. Not quite decided if we will go but looking like Lara will drop bylater and we will all head that way.

New Tropic Air building coming along

Working hard

Looking at the map

Waiting for 10 am puddle jumper

Lots of people

Madame in her cart full of cushions

Tacobro explaining why he will not make class today

Miss Dianne

Waiting for Madame to show up

Greenthumb and Chunky

Finishing stretches

Jam night at Road Kill

Lara and 2 Pauls

Thursday night Jam

Robbie Ben and Paul


Anonymous said...

LOL.. well the good news for tacobro is that it is much nicer today. No snow, blue skies but minus 7! Hope tacobro was able to pack some heat in his bags for his return.
FYI the parking lot is at work. A constant source of entertainment / discussions about the parking alignment skills of drivers when it snows.

Ruthie said...

Great post...love the Toronto/San Pedro comparisons pix.

barry said...

I think the Belize Tourist Bureau should hire you as their AD Agency.. Love the Here & There Photos.".GOT SNOW..NOT!".. .Thanks for a great Blog.

Tim Callanan said...

Makes me really miss shoveling out my carr in Boston.

tacogirl said...

Ouch minus 7 Gail

Thanks Ruthie

That is a great idea Barry I did similar one last year - thanks for the compliment

Your nose grew 2 feet on that one Tim ha ha