Thanking my lucky stars

Friday, January 16, 2009

News from Jo via blackberry in Toronto she said major power out in a large area of west Toronto since last night and it is -22 there. We would have fallen in that area and I can only imagine how cold our old house would be in -22 weather with no heat as it was cold when the heat was working ha ha. Another reason to thank my lucky stars we made it to San Pedro. On coconut phone with Hughena added to the info and said 22,00 homes without power since 10 pm last night and will be about same time until they all have regained power.

Michele in Playa said we are having the same weather - cool & wet. While I am cold sitting hear in my jeans and t-shirt I am definitly not complaining.

Just found out that Singer Jill Holly folk/rock singer songwriter is in town and has volunteered to do 2 benefit concerts for the school. The first one will be on Sunday from 12pm - 5pm at Rendezvous Restaurant - they are offering $5 rum and cokes and free water taxi service to go there please call Rendezvous Restaurant 226-3426 for more information. The second one will bet at Wet Willy's next week - likely Friday but details still to be announced.

Jill Holly - to hear her music you can check out this link