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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For some reason Paul woke up very early this morning. I lay in bed and tried to fall back asleep but all I could think of was how good an iced coffee would taste - things to ad to my list and if there was a good sunrise this morning I could go to the beach. I checked the clock - 4:40 am lay there a few min longer and decided to get up and start my day.

Stay tuned for more...

Looks like sunrise will be a bust it just started raining hard. Good news is I have crossed update phone list off my list - always a difficult task for me as I am dyslexic and often flip numbers. I keep a copy of my phone list on my computer as a back up and it has proved handy many times when someone range me to get someone's number or has lost all their numbers and is starting from scratch. Michele in Playa had a good tip email yourself your phone list then you have it where ever you are as long as you have pc access.

Rain stopped quickly but still looks a bit iffy out there. Listening to the birds singing and watching Amanda and Cal's Mosquito Coast weather cam instead of going to the beach - we are so close if it starts looking good for pictures I can dash out the door anytime. Going through my new emails and got to a hoax one. I have to admit that is a pet peeve of mine that people do not bother to Google and find out if what they are about to send is a hoax or not - in most cases a quick search will prove there is no threat and no reason to keep that email alive and circulating. If you value your friends enough to want to warn them if need be - don't you value them enough not to send false alarms spread fake emails?

Raining again - this gives you a sense of how off an in it has been. For the most part it has been raining in short heavy fast bursts except for Sunday night. Had planned to go to town later for some groceries hoping that we get some decent dry time to do so.

Whoo Hoo it's sunny again - hope keeps it up please so we can have aquafit classes Thursday. Email just came in from Ruthie came in she just got my phone message 1h and 15 min after I called and it never rang - girl when are you going to get on the coconut phone lol- gmail has chat option. Going to put a second load of laundry in and take a grapefruit break.

Mini chat been pretty finny since last night. bcb is working on some secret project and we all keep asking him for hints and lots of people are making outrageous guesses. Yay Ruthie got on coconut phone also chatting with my cous - Stacy and video Paul right now.

I cannot seem to motivate myself to town - the good side of that is I am continuing on with house cleaning and making some headway. Weather is very undecided we are currently experiencing extreme sunny periods alternating with bursts of rain. Still trying to dry furniture and cushions out on the veranda.

Paul went to town to run errands one of which was to get a bit of cash from my ppal account - only to find out he had an expired card on his hands. Luckily Video Paul was here when mine called - it was easy rectify the situation and get VP to meet mine at perk with my new card. I am on a break from sweeping.

Just got a message from Jo on coconut phone. They are at the airport - on the first leg of their journey to Newark then will be headed this way tomorrow. I am taking a break from everything right now been a long day already.

Carole and Dick


tq said...

Ok your 6:04am email had me rolling. I too agree and not to worry, I will not be sending you any fwds about Bill Gates sending us money if you fwd his email out to 1,000 people... useless emails! :P

tacogirl said...

We are on same button there ha ha delete delete delete...