Bob Marley's Birthday Bash

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am in full out list mania right now - since yesterday lunch actually. I am going through all the Mexico bloggers blog rolls and compiling round 2 invitation to Blog Fiesta. If anyone would like to post the info on their blog please feel free.

Erin Jo and Bronze were both laughing - here 10 days and they managed to make the front page of both papers for World Wetlands day.

FYI from Foths...

As you all know, Savour San Pedro Food Festival had to be rescheduled due to dreadful weather. So it is wonderful to be able to announce that the Friends of the Humane Society will be having their cake stand at the Food Festival this Saturday from 5:00pm. All monies raised will go towards helping SAGA to build new and better facilities for the abandoned, abused, neglected and sick animals they care for.

Special thanks to Island Perk for selling cake and coffee for us, despite the rain and to Lime, who have been selling cakes all week.

If you can donate a cake, cookies or other naughty delights, please call 226 4366 or just bring your cake to the stand in Central Park on Saturday.

Adam sent this along so I could let everyone know about Bob Marley's Birthday Bash tonight at the tackle box from 8:30pm - 12:00am.

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Statia Girl said...

Oh my goodnees what an adorbale little angel this puppy is. What happened to him? (her??) and please tell me someone adopted him (her?) and the puppy found a loving home! Great work being done by the animal lovers out there!

tacogirl said...

Statia Girl the puppy had a hurt foot (think she was hit by a bicycle). Now she is in a permanent happy lovely home.