Dreamy - random and light

Monday, February 9, 2009

This picture is a good reflection of my mood today... dreamy - random and light

I was practically out the door - ipod and shoes on when it started raining. I quickly decided I did not want to get wet before class and since I was already running a few min late in leaving getting water proofed was not going to happen in a timely manner.

I decided to exercise at home with my Simply Tai Chi dvd instead. Here is a bit from the opening part of dvd that explains what made me like this form of exercise... Tai Chi is a martial art - it helps to improve and maintain good health. Tai Chi represents a way of life and allows one to meet day to day challenges with energy while remaining calm and relaxed inside. Some of the first noticeable benefits are... a feeling of relaxation and well being - becoming aware of which body parts are tense and how to relax them. Tai Chi also flows into other areas of life and brings an overall relaxed balanced and healthy approach to anything one does. Since my mind is usually going 100 miles per h all that is pretty appealing to be even if just for an hour to slow down and be quiet while getting some exercise and learning how to defend myself to boot.

As I sit here at 41 years young it is more apparent than ever that exercise is a must in my life. Being one who is not much for breaking a sweat - I am paying closer attention to how I feel when I don't exercise in order to motivate my self to keep up with it. I feel better in so many ways when I do - even Paul notices the difference.

Simply Tai Chi - dvd and flash cards