Full Moon Fire Show

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last night's full moon party at Catamaran was put on hold in case weather was acting up. Paul and Zac decided they would still drum and spin fire so a bunch of us went down to the beach to enjoy the show. It was pretty cool to watch Zac end up doing his first session with fire. Paul had asked him to hold the lit poi while he focused his video camera and then told Zac just go for it and he did. This post for Erin and Jo who had a fantastic time at Caribbean Villa's / Catamaran while they were here.

Off to get ready for the pool now Chunky and Ruth will be along shortly. Will post the second Video Clip when I return as it is still uploading to You Tube.

Class was great - Maureen was looking fabulous all dolled up in her Pearls. The new weights and noodles have arrived - we are well stocked to get fit girls and boys. The extra strength noodles sure pack a punch for leg exercises and it showed me just how much strength I have gained in my legs from flutter kicking properly. The guys liked them for the deep end for buoyancy. Ruthie and I use our water weights in the deep end for arms - I can really feel it in my legs and upper body today.

Tune into Chunlyruthth at Belize Snowbird to get the visual.

It's Official we are having an Aquafit Class luncheon at The Lime Wednesday Feb 18th. Everyone welcome to come hang out with the aquafit crew and enjoy some stimulating conversation much laughter and Maureen's fabulous curry which will be on the menu that day. If interested please leave comment so I can get a head count going thanks.

PSA for Hungry Monkey Subs... For Valentines Hungry monkey Sub Shop would like to with their ongoing support to Holy Cross School. From Feb 11 to 14 For every 12"(foot-long) sub sold we will give our customers a poem for their loved ones written by a poet Freddy Nunez, and we will also donate $1.00 for each sub sold to the Holy Cross school. We ask from our loyal clients and the rest of the community to reach out and help us make this day of love and the time leading up to it enjoyable for everyone.

Reminder from Wonderwoman... Friday the 13th is Holy Cross Valentine's day fair 9 am till 1 pm please feel free to drop by and join the fun. It's a great opportunity to enjoy the island kids.


Ruthie said...

Wow Laurie...beautiful full moon shots!

tacogirl said...

Thanks Ruthie it was a big one for sure - we watched it coming up on the balcony at home before heading to the beach.