Great results

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Class was divine today. I think since I missed Tuesday I was feeling overdue on my social exercise time.

We all agree that aquafit is without a doubt producing great results. One of us has gone down a few clothing sizes and noticed how her clothing is continuously getting bigger. Many us have have noticed increased mobility and some are seeing how their bodies have changed faster than they expected as result of class. Today it was brought to my attention that I am standing straighter and that my arms are looking more defined. I attribute that to starting to use my weights in the deep end thanks to Ruthie.

Beyond the wonder physical results we are all seeing - what could be better for our minds than One hour of exercise 2 - 3 times a week that includes laughter and fun and sky watching. Today we noticed planes taking off in a different direction and watched lower clouds sailing through the sky and changing shape while the ones at a higher altitude stayed fluffy and still. Near the end of class a bird started singing a lovely song for us then we heard a rooster crow in the distance.

Chunky and Ruthie did not make it to class today which is rare - a catamaran trip is definitly an acceptable reason. I am sure Ruthie has some juicy pictures up now.

Chunky we had to find temp help while you were on El Gato

Using the super strong new noodles