Island Welcome Center

Sunday, February 1, 2009

While Jo and Erin went to go check out Captain Morgans - Paul and I headed off to see Cindy and Sharon at their new work - The Lime - Island Welcome Center. It's a great spot and they certainly are known for being a fun and informed welcoming committee.

Went to Catamaran this - perfect weather for it. Could not wait to enjoy hot tub on the beach. Stopped to say hi to Chunky and Ruth on our way.



Michele in Playa said...

I can't wait to come over for a vist and check out Cindy's new venture. She told me she luged her grandma's pasta machine all the way from jolly old England, so I'm looking forwar to some yummy food too!! Probably see you all next month for a long weekend.

tacogirl said...

Yes she came back with all kinds of goodies. You will like her new spot - very handy right across from Tropic.

That will be great if you come for a long weekend. We are doing a sunset cruise Feb 15th any chance it will be then?