Snogging Ban

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forrest sent me this today and we both thought it would be a great idea for me to post it for all our British friends - of course we both realize most of the brits we know are cheeky enough to disobey this one....

No kissing, please, we're British:

In an effort to reduce delays, the Warrington Bank Quay train station
in Warrington, England, has banned all kissing of passengers being
dropped off. So do your smoochy goodbyes before you go to the
station, people!

Meanwhile, according to the Scotsman - Glasgow Daily Record and the This is Chelsea (on line): The Warrington Wolves have declared their ground ‘a kissing friendly stadium’.

Also the name of the company that owns (or operates) the trains involved and the one that put the signs up happens to be Virgin Rail.

The 'no-kissing' sign at Warrington Bank Quay station in Cheshire courtesy of Reuters